Magic soil – Potting Soil – 5 Kg


All-Purpose Ready to use organic Potting Mix. Ready to use soil mix; Provide all essential nutrients in balance; Customized blend suitable for all plants; Improves nutrient efficiency.

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Magic Soil is a premium potting soil, rich in Bio-Available Macro & Micro Nutrients such as
Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, etc. The product ensures healthier vegetative and reproductive growth of the plant throughout the growing period by enhancing the proper nutrient uptake of the plant while providing the right aeration and moisture
How to Use:
• Fill your pot with Magic Soil
• Re-Pot your plant at appropriate
depth and moisten mixture
• Use 5Kg of Magic Soil per 12” dia
pot, or Cover 5 Sq.Ft with ½ inch
• Be careful not to disturb the structure of the roots while transplanting

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Weight 5 kg


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