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Formulation : EC formulation

Nimbecidine is a neem oil-based formulation with 300 ppm Azadirachtin. It is a natural organic insect control product for agricultural crops.

Recommended crops and pest as per CIB&RC

Cotton – Boll worm, Aphid

Rice – Leaf roller, Stem borer, Brown Plant Hopper

Dosage : 1.2 lit / acre, 3.0 Lit / ha

Shelf life: 2 years


• 2-3 times at weekly intervals.Application can be done before the insect infestation and also at the initial  stage of insect population ( 4-5 number per leaf)


  • It also controls other sucking pests like Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips etc.
  • It acts as Anti-feedent, Repellent, oviposition deterrent and insect growth suppressor.  The Insect cannot develop resistance against Nimbecidine.
  • It is organic, non-toxic and safe to natural enemies.  Compatible with chemical insecticides and improve the potentiation effect of insecticides
  • Organic certified product.
  • In addition to the recommended crops and pests, it also controls sucking pests like White flies, Aphids, Thrips, etc.

Packing available –500 ml & 1.0 Lt.

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