Nutri Rich – Vermi Compost – 2 Kg


Enriched Vermicompost manure. Improves soil aeration; Enriches soil with beneficial microorganisms; Increases soil’s water holding capacity; Improves soil quality and structure

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Nutri-rich is a premium Vermicompost, made with a patented process, turning cow dung into Vermicompost. It’s an active biological mixture of bacteria and enzymes, and rich in bio-available nutrients such as nitrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc. Fortified with Seaweed, Nuti-Rich protects the plant from abiotic stress and increases nutrient uptake
How to Use:
• For Potted Plants, use 200
grams of Nutri-Rich per 1 Kg Soil
• For Open Grounds, make 1 inch
layer over Top Soil, and mix well
• Repeat after every 10 – 12 days

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Weight 2 kg


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