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Symbion VAM is based on spores, fragments of mycorrhizal fungal filaments and infected roots bits. It is made on exfoliated vermiculite carrier contains mainly Glomus sp., and other endo-mycorrhizal species at 60 spores per gram of the product.


Symbion VAM makes the plant root system get access to the easily usable form of nutrients. It acts as accessories to the root hairs in the process of nutrient absorption and mobilization. It facilitates nutrient translocation from the soil and root cortical parenchyma to xylem elements. It also function as supplement to root hairs in water absorption, thus helps plants to overcome drought stress. It is an ‘organic certified’ product.

Mode of Action:

Symbion VAM by associating symbiotically with root of the plants helps in the greater absorption of phosphorous, water and other important macro and essential micro elements and making them available to the plants in an easily usable organic form. Besides they are also reported to impart resistance to plants against drought and other abiotic and biotic stress.

Crops Recommended :  All Crops

Dosage: Powder – 4.0 kg / acre

10.0 kg / ha

Shelf life:  One year.


Soil Application:  10 kg Symbion VAM mixed with 1000 kg of organic fertilizer or field soil and moistened to an optimal level.

It is applied along with seed sowing in the main field in a directly sowing crop or applied two days prior to transplanting of seedling in transplanted crops .

It can also be applied as broad casting and top dressing in narrow spaced crops where inter-culture is not possible and forked into the soil.

Irrigation must be followed within 24 hours after application and seed sowing and seedling transplantation must be done within 48 hours of application.

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