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Call Us:

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We believe that every project existing in digital world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

We offer Seeds, Grow bags, Plastic Pots, Growing media, Pot mixture, Waste Decomposer, Traps, Irrigation system, Organic Manure, Vermi Compost, Vermi bed, Azolla Bed, Bio-Fertilizer, Bio-protectant, Plant nutrient supplements, Shadenet, Protected Structures, Technical Know-How, etc., to grow nutritious plants at your door step. We also concentrate on Contract Farming, Supply chain of Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Green roofs Etc. We also offer seed kits, Seedlings, etc., as Gifts to families and Corporates for various events.

Functionality meets perfection

Are you a passionate gardener? Do you want to explore new avenues in gardening then here we are with multiple ideas and products. There is always more to grow and we’d like to nurture every gardener’s interest in improving their skills.

Organic Menure
Organic Fertilizer
Plant Protection

Plant Growing Containers

LDPE, HDPE, Ceramic, Fiber and Plastic Pots

Plant Growing Media

Coco Peat, Pot mix, Per-lite

Hybrid and Native Seeds

Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Ornamentals, Medicinal etc

Insta Structures

Vermi Bed, Bio- flock Fish Tank, Rain hose, Pond liner and Azolla Bed