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IFFCO SeaSecret

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Sea Secret (Granules) are Seaweed Extract based granules, derived from red & brown seaweed. They enhance nutrient uptake from the soil, strengthen plant growth and stress tolerance while improving soil conditioning.They contain proteins, carbohydrates, and other inherent nutrients, vitamins, plant growth hormones like auxins, cytokinin, gibberellins etc. Sea Secret is available in both, Granule and Liquid Concentrate form.

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Plant Food And Stimulants
Benefits :
Enhances Nutrient Uptake from the Soil
Promotes Root Growth and Tillering
Activates Soil Microbial Population and Improves Soil Health
Ensures Safety from Biotic and Abiotic Stress
How to Use:
Sprinkle the granules evenly on the topsoil of the plant
Cover the granules with a thin layer of soil and water lightly
Repeat every 15-20 days for best results
Keep in cool and dry place

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