IFFCO Nutri Rich 2 Kg

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Nutri-rich is a premium Vermicompost, made with a patented process, turning cow dung into Vermicompost. It is an active biological mixture of bacteria and enzymes, and rich in bio-available nutrients such as nitrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc. Fortified with Seaweed, Nutri-Rich protects the plant from abiotic stress and increases nutrient uptake.

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Improves Soil Structure and Quality
Enriches Soil with Beneficial Microorganisms
Provides Nutrition to both Soil and Plant
Increases Soil’s Aeration and Water Holding Capacity
Enables Lush Plant Growth
How to Use:
For Potted Plants, use 200 grams of Nutri-Rich per 1 kg soil
For Lawns and Garden Beds, broadcast 500gm per Square Meter.
Add to top soil and mix every 2-3 weeks
Tightly close the packet after every use
Keep in cool and dry place

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